Jo Hale, Derby based homeopath.

If you are looking for a homeopathy consultation in the Derby, Burton or Nottingham area with an experienced homeopath then contact Jo. She also offers other forms of complementary health treatments - Zero-balancing and Qigong.

Homeopathy has been an established approach to health care for nearly 300 years. It is an holistic medicine that recognises that an individual's symptomatic illness is a sign of a general disharmony. Homeopathy treats the person not the illness, triggering a return to a dynamic state of harmony and thereby restoring health. Homeopathy works because it stimulates the body's own capacity to heal.

The concept was first suggested by a German physician Samuel Hahnemann in the last few years of the 18th century, He suggested and tried using preparations of substances that would theoretically aggravate the condition, but only after diluting them time and time again - very much the principle used to prepare some vaccines which can either consist of an inert form of a disease or a very dilute but active form of a disease.

But that is where homeopathy then diverges significantly from conventional medicine - a homeopath will also explore the patient's physical and psychological state in order to determine the appropriate treatment. Homeopathic treatment is individualised; two people with the same illness can be given completely different remedies. In homeopathy, mind, emotions and body are seen as interconnected aspects of our individual self.

Origins of homeopathy

Samuel Hahnemann observed that when Cinchona bark was used as a treatment for malaria, when ingested by a healthy patient, the bark produced symptoms that resembled malaria. So he reasoned that any cure would 'proceed through similarity' and thus the idea of homeopathy was born. He found that not all diseases could be cured by this alone and gradually developed the principle of a more holistic approach, taking into account the mental as well as physical state of a patient, which worked much better.

About Jo Hale

Jo has been a homeopath since the early 1990s. Her primary training was with the Soluna School of Homeopathy followed by postgraduate training with Jeremy Sherr at Dynamis School of Advanced Homeopathic Study. Prior to that she was a dental hygienist - in fact she has been involved in healthcare since 1980 in a variety of clinical situations. She has a background in sporting activities, participating competitively since the 1970s, enjoying long distance running, climbing and cycling including the ladies National Road Race. These sports push the body to the limits so Jo has developed quite an awareness of health and looking after body and soul.

The Consultation Process

During the first consultation, Jo will need to find out as much as she can about you - your specific symptoms, general energy level, lifestyle, what makes you tick, medical history and any medication you are currently taking - in order to individualise your course of treatment. This information will of course be completely confidential. The homeopathic remedies you will be given are usually in the form of tablets or liquid, although few exist as powders that dissolve on your tongue. Jo will also advise you as to what substances can interfere with your treatment, ensuring its success.

Contacting Jo

daytime tel: 01332 299133, evening tel: 01332 841939


Homeopath in Derby - Jo's web site


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