Some photographs of the gritstone crag Birchen Edge in the Peak District of Derbyshire.

Birchen is often crowded with groups as it is a relatively easy crag and not particularly high. Access to and descent from the top of the climbs is fairly straightforward with no long hikes to avoid a scramble.

Birchen Edge Image, Crow's Nest to the Monument.

Looking from the end of the Crow's Nest sector to the Monument sector.

Birchen Edge photo, Monument sector showing Orpheus Wall and Peaches under the monument.

The monument sector, Orpheus wall is directly below the monument and Peaches is just to the right of that. Please respect the request not to abseil off the monument, it has been damaged by the ropes of countless groups whose leader posesses no intelligence, respect or common sense who give the vast majority of climbers a bad reputation. If you really must abseil, set up your own anchors, it's not much to ask.

Birchen Edge Crag, image of Stokers Wall, Copenhagen wall in the background.

A view of Stokers Wall, home to several easy but not well protected routes. To the right, in the background is Copenhagen Wall.

Follow this link to return to the Birchen Edge page or this one to see a couple of images of the classic Trafalgar Wall sector.

Disclaimer (probably not necessary but just in case ...: This is not a guide, it is for general information and personal opinion only - just to give you a flavour of the place if you are not familiar with it; we can accept no responsibility for your actions should you visit Birchen Edge and try any of the climbs mentioned. You decide for yourself whether to climb them or not and must assume responsibility for your own safety.

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