A couple of photographs of the gritstone crag Birchen Edge in the Peak District of Derbyshire.

Here you can see a number of images of the popular Trafalgar Wall. Please, do not abseil or anchor to and from the monument nearby, it is being seriously worn out by selfish group leaders and other idiots who have no respect. Walk down please, it's not that difficult, Oh, and please don't call this crag Birchen's or Birchens ... there is no 's' on the end, goodness knows why people do that, it is correct in the guide books and correct on the OS map!

Photograph - looking along Birchen Edge Trafalgar Wall area.

Looking back along Trafalgar Wall, the climber in the red helmet has just started up Trafalgar Crack, V Diff.

Birchen Edge photographic topo of the Trafalgar Wall area of this gritstone crag in the Derbyshire Peak District.

Topo of the 3 key climbs on Trafalgar Wall, the climb of Trafalgar wall itself is poorly protected, has an awkward start and feels quite delicate in the upper reaches. Nevertheless, it is a worthwhile climb. Trafalgar crack is a popular V Diff, do it if you must it is just a wide crack, but in my opinion, Camperdown Crawl is the best of the 3. The start can feel intimidating but the protection in the starting crack, a perfect gritstone finger crack, is excellent. The upper wall can feel a little unprotected (There is a big hole about 2/3 height - I don't usually use it but I guess a large friend would fit).

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Disclaimer (probably not necessary but just in case ...: This is not a guide, it is for general information and personal opinion only - just to give you a flavour of the place if you are not familiar with it; we can accept no responsibility for your actions should you visit Birchen Edge and try any of the climbs mentioned. You decide for yourself whether to climb them or not and must assume responsibility for your own safety.

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