Ecton copper mine Photographs - the mine that paid for some of Buxton's finest buildings.

Ecton mine is situated high on a hillside overlooking the Manifold Valley. The valley is quiet now as the Manifold and Leek light railway that ran through this peaceful part of England is gone, so is the hustle and bustle associated with the Ecton mine, which was long closed before the railway arrived. The railway was converted into a walking and cycling trail, the manifold way.

Image: Ecton Village.

The image above shows the village of Ecton, from where the mining operations were run.

Image: Open shafts at the surface leading to Ecton mine mineworkings.

When approaching the mine along the top of the ridge, you can see a number of open shafts. These have been fenced off but the fences are now a little worse for wear and care needs to be taken. At the time that this photograph was taken, you can see that there was a party exploring these workings via the further of the two shafts.

Image: Adit entrance to Ecton mine, Peak District, Derbyshire/Staffordshire borders.

The public footpath passes through the area on the hillside where Ecton mine reached the surface. Here you can see one of the adit (drift) entrances that enabled miners to access the copper without the need for a long descent. To the left of the entrance, a couple of original tools used in Ecton mine are displayed.

Image: Drift mine entrance, Ecton copper mine, the mine that enabled the 5th  Duke of Devonshire to build some of the impressive buildings of Buxton.

One of the entrances to Ecton mine, right by the public footpath.


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Peak District Mining and Quarrying - at last, a local history book that is easy to read and holds your interest for more than a few minutes at a time! Fascinating, well illustrated, non-technical and with a social angle throughout. I bought mine via with a decent discount off the shop price (sorry, I don't know if they are still doing the discount). 

Ordnance Survey 1:25,000 (2 1/2 inches to the mile for us oldies!) map of the White Peak or Dark Peak (10% discount off list prices through Aqua3).



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