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Here is a selection of golfing tips that you can use to help you to lower your score and improve your swing. Remember, practice makes perfect but don’t overdo it! Take just 5-10 minutes training time per day for your swing and when you get to the practice range or play your next round, you will really feel the benefit. We will add to them and change them around over the coming weeks so be sure to bookmark this page and revisit us every once in a while.

Putting  - Here’s a simple practice for you to get the proper feeling of not moving your head when you putt. Set up and practice putting while leaning your head against a wall. Use a pillow if you need to. With this setup, you’ll get immediate feedback by feeling whenever your head moves while you stroke the putter and be able to quickly adjust the error. Watch any tour pro. You’ll see that during the stroke, the head will remain completely still and the visual focus will remain on the point-of-impact throughout the stroke.

The Stance - Your stance should be wide enough for balance maintenance, yet narrow enough so you can shift your weight and freely rotate your body. If you are using longer clubs, say for instance between a 5 iron and a driver, you should make sure your heels are no further apart than the width of your shoulders. With shorter clubs, a gradual narrowing of the stance should occur the shorter the club. Practice changing your stance for a few minutes per day and it will very soon become natural when you pick up a club, your feet will automatically go to the stable stance position.


Establishing the correct path of the clubhead in the takeaway and approaching impact. The golf swing is a chain reaction. If the outcome of the chain reaction is going to be positive then the first link in that chain has to be correct. This drill will ensure you start the club back on the correct path – neither too far inside nor outside the target line. In addition to that it will also ensure you bring the club back to the ball on the correct path – again, straight down the target line.

Try this to do it right. Place two tees in the ground about six inches behind the ball and about eight inches apart. One should be on the outside of the ball, the other on the inside. Swing back and through avoiding the tees.

Alternatively, spend a lot of money buying something that does the same job from a golf shop!

Tips from Richard Myers who has 2 web sites to give you a Better golf swing and lower score and the perfect golf swing for left handers - tips, advice and training videos/DVDs.

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