Build a Winning Team - Team Building Treasure Hunts and Corporate Entertainment

Team building treasure hunts and other corporate events can help develop your winning team and customer loyalty.

In Today's competitive market a successful business needs:

  • to build a winning team
  • to develop a loyal customer base
  • to generate new business

In addition to our treasure hunts, we have a wide variety of team building and corporate entertainment events that can be carefully tailored to suit your specific needs. Hunt for Treasure we can get you working smarter and better together. Please get in touch with us ( email) to discuss your requirements.

Click on the links below to learn more.

Team building and spy games - develop creative thinking, initiative and team spirit.
It's a Knockout - for corporate entertainment of clients and your own staff.
Paris Treasure Hunt - novel team building and corporate entertainment in a fantastic location.
Conference breaks - keep delegates fresh and focused with events like archery or breakout.
Please email to discuss your requirements.


With more decades of experience between our instructors than we care to remember, we prefer to let others speak for us ...

‘In short we were very pleased with the Saturday afternoon activities. We have done it once before and yours was infinitely preferred for a variety of reasons. We are a pretty disparate and discerning lot and the fact that I barely received any adverse comment at all after the event means that your team was very well received. I think the variety of events was just about right. Even my concerns about over running into supper time seem to evaporate into the “unimportant” category pretty quickly’

Charles Cumberidge – Haseltine Lakes

‘We had a great time, everyone enjoyed it and from my personal point of view it succeeded really well. I will be recommending you internally to my colleagues who I know want to do other such days.’

Derek Garner - Merant

‘As I said on the phone we were all very impressed with the activities and how things went. Many team members have voluntarily said how much they enjoyed it and that it was ‘ much better than last year’! So thanks again.’

Alison Summersfield – Thames Water

‘You put on a superb event for us and I have already had some excellent feedback about you and your team. It could be said that the weather helped - but I have a feeling that even if it were howling we would have still had a great time!’

Mary Cotton - Alcatel

'Just like to thank you for this weekend just gone - I enjoyed it - it was also very thought provoking'

Mark Wilkinson

'Thanks for an enjoyable weekend and 'mellow' assessment'

Rich Cartlidge




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