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Image of Lac Pavin, volcanic lake in the Auvergne, France.

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The Auvergne is a quiet region of France. The main town is Clermont Ferrand in the Puy de Dome Department. It is little known by the British as they tend to pass through on the way to the Med. That will probably change now as Ryan Air have announced direct flights to Clermont Ferrand.

Photographs of the Auvergne

Clermont Ferrand, the home of Michelin tyres, is dominated by the unmistakeable shape of the extinct volcano that gives the Departement its name - The Puy de Dome. The highest point in Puy-de-Dome is Le Mezenc, at about 1753m altitude. The top is a unique mini-landscape with views to Mont Blanc, the Vanoise and the Ecrins in the Alps. At the heart of Clermont lies the great cathedral at the edge of a typically French city square, ringed with street cafes. Clermont is also very proud of its new trams!

The Auvergne is a great example of rural France. The main industry is farming with scattered hamlets and a few larger towns. The region is known for the cheeses called Cantal, St. Nectaire and of course Bleu d’Auvergne.

The scenery is not spectacular in the same way as the alps, but it is expansive and pleasant. The uplands, for the most part, are rolling highlands given over to dairy and beef farming. The plateaux are inscised by valleys and one of the most interesting aspects, to me anyway, is the way that you suddenly dive from farmland into steep sided wooded valleys. Quite a contrast.

The region, although mountainous, is not as lofty as the Alps - the highest point is only about 1800 metres. There is skiing, both downhill and Nordic. The Auvergne was shaped by volcanic action and throughout the 3 departements which comprise the region, Cantal, Allier and Puy de Dome, the evidence is there. Cones, crater lakes and long-solidified lava flows.

The two main ski areas are Le Monts Dore (where the Dordogne River rises) and Le Lioran, further to the south.

There is something for everyone from sightseers to outdoors afficianados. There are fortified towns, castles, churches, Volcania theme Park, many miles of footpaths, spas, climbing and mountain biking.

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Holiday homes to rent in the Auvergne

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Hotels in the Auvergne

Campanile, Issoire. The hotel is close to the north eastern side of Issoire and less than 5 minutes away from the centre of town. Issoire is a beautiful town about 35 km south of Clermont-Ferrand and it is a fantastic base for exploring the spectacular mountain scenery of the area. Our hotel is ideally situated to explore the French countryside and relax in the peaceful ambience of this area.

Logis De France Le Parc, Murol. Located in the heart of the Massif du Sancy and Auvergne’s Volcano Natural Park, this 2-star hotel offers locally styled accommodation in the picturesque village of Murol. Inside, you can enjoy the TV lounge to gather with friends or family, the 120-seat restaurant where you can appreciate local and gourmet cuisine and the bar to relax around a pre-dinner drink. Outside, the terrace looks onto a wide shaded park and the hotel’s private tennis court and heated swimming pool make a stay here a unique and healthy experience. Away from the main roads, the hotel guaranties peaceful and quiet accommodation.


Hotels in specific Towns of the Auvergne ...

La Bourbule - Popular Spa town in one of the more rugged regions of the Massif Central. Close to the highest point in the Massif, Mont Dore, close to the source of the Dordogne river. Several hotels ...

Logis de France Le Charlet

Hotel-Restaurant La Joie De Vivre


Hotel de l'Aviation

Les Iles Britanniques



Le Puy en Velay is a major religious centre and has a unique atmosphere created bu the churches built on the tops of the volcanic plugs that are dotted throughout the town. The Pilgrims way of the departure point for the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostella to Spain begins at Le Puy, here are a couple of hotel suggestions ...

Arcantis Hotel Chris'tel -In the heart of the beautifully preserved historic town centre, comfortable rooms with balconies. Bar and terrace with small family-style restaurant

Inter-Hotel Bristol - The restaurant offers family cooking with local products, and service on the terrace in summer.


Aurillac is the main town in the south west of the Auvergne.

In the heart of the city, in a semi-pedestrian area.  At the Hotel Delcher every effort has been made to ensure your comfort and to make your stay an unforgettable one: 2 conference rooms, lounge, restaurant serving cuisine made with fresh local produce, quiet, recently refurbished rooms.

.A welcoming and friendly atmosphere waits for you at the Ptit Dej Hotel, located 5 minutes away from the center. The Hotel is right in between the center of town and the airport and offers nice and comfortable rooms with shower, TV and separated toilets. Aurillac, city of Art and History, is also a town which would satisfy any shopper!!



Other hotels in Aurillac are ...

Logis De France La Thomasse

Hotel Balladins Aurillac Confort

Chateau de Salles - Perched on a hill overlooking the Valley, in the charming village of Vezac, 7 km away from Aurillac. The Chateau de Salles has a long history since it was built in 1476, then destroyed and rebuilt in 1573. With a 20-acre park and the Cantal Mountains surrounding it, nothing disturbs the peaceful ambience floating over the castle.   Enjoy the air, view, golf, swimming pool, restaurant and lounge as Gerard Depardieu enjoyed using the location for one of his movies

.Grand Hotel Saint-Pierre

Grand Hotel de Bordeaux - 6 reasons for choosing this hotel:   - In the town centre across from the public park - Bedrooms redecorated - Five hundred metres from the Maison des Congres - Room service - 33 soundproofed rooms with 3 suites, 21 with air conditioning, 3 rooms for meetings and receptions - Private and enclosed garage.

Campanile Aurillac

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