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Image - Chatsworth on the Pooles Cavern, Buxton page.

Image: Crich,  on the Caves in Buxton, Peak District Derbyshire page. Image: Kinder, Peak District Derbyshire, not too far from Buxton, site of Poole's Cavern Cave open to Public.

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There are many caverns open to the public in or close to the Peak District of Derbyshire, Poole’s Cavern at Buxton is easily accessible. Or if you are a serious recreational caver, you will find plenty of interest - mines, potholes and caves.


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    Head into Buxton from virtually any direction and follow the signs to find Pooles Cavern. There are extensive wooded grounds around the cavern whilst inside are some of the finest stalagmites and stalactites that the area has to offer.

    Legend has it that a medieval outlaw named Poole hid in the cavern and buried treasure there. The cavern had been in use before Poole came onto the scene - archaeologists have found remains going back to 5000 years ago. Romans and Celts have worshipped in the cavern and there are many artefacts on view in the visitor centre.

    Open every day from mid February to October 31st between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m.

    To visit the Pooles Cavern web site click here.

    If you need somewhere to stay in or near to Buxton ...

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