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    The Heights of Abraham

    Matlock Bath lies in a steep sided valley and has been nicknamed Little Switzerland. Take the cable car to the Heights of Abraham where there are a variety of things to do, including visits to the two caverns in the area. The Great Rutland Cavern offers visitors the opportunity to see what life was like for a 17th century lead miner. The Great Masson Cavern is reached via the Masson Pavilion, in which you find out about how the area has been created by sea, volcanoes and ice. A walk through well-lit underground passages brings you to the cavern itself. Above ground there are adventure play areas and woodland walks set out, from which you can admire the extensive views from this high vantage point, before spending some money in the gift shop or retiring to the cafe/restaurant for a bite to eat.

    To visit the web site for the Heights of Abraham click here where you can find the operating times and prices for the cable cars..




    If you prefer to sample real caves and caving, contact Hydroactive who can organise underground adventures for even the most reluctant caver. Why not combine it with an above ground activity such as climbing or kayaking?



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