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Saffron Harrison is a personal yoga teacher based in Macclesfield, Cheshire. She offers yoga tuition in the region. She has worked with many different individuals and groups, kids, adults, students with learning difficulties and more and believes that yoga can work for anyone who is willing to commit.

Saffron is a qualified teacher of Dru yoga including pre-natal (ante-natal) yoga which provides gentle and effective exercise during pregnancy. Dru is a dynamic form of yoga with flowing movement sequences, mudra (hand gestures), visualisation and affirmation all of which combine to create a profound sense of well-being, peace and balance in your emotions. The flow of movement without locking the joints tones and keeps the physical body healthy and also creates a flow in your thoughts and feelings, rigidity dissolves in both our mind and body. Visualisation and affirmations are a powerful medium for achieving your goals in life and for focusing the well-being you experience through the yoga back out into the world. Dru yoga is a gentle form of yoga and does not involve holding complex positions for long periods of time and as such is the perfect exercise for pregnancy.

Saffron is available to visit you for one to one (1:1) yoga sessions in your home or to welcome you into hers, whichever is more convenient for you.

To contact Saffron to arrange your yoga sessions now, please ring 01625 432997 or email yoga.4.u@hotmail.co.uk


Benefits of Dru Yoga

* establishes patterns of deep relaxation
* establishes a feeling of radiance and inner peace
* helps to ease muscle tension
* calms nerves and reduces feelings of stress

Dru Yoga offers benefits for everyone, regardless of their age, fitness or flexibility.

Dru Yoga is a spiritual way of reducing stress and, because it combines exercise with meditation, it can improve your mobility, flexibility, vitality and confidence.

Yoga at home including pre-natal pregnancy yoga

Image: Candle, Dru yoga.Saffron is available to deliver one-to-one ante-natal yoga sessions in the comfort and convenience of your own home. This should enable you to feel the benefits sooner than if you were in a class with others as her attention is given solely to yourself.

Many mums-to-be are turning to pre-natal (ante-natal) yoga as a form of relaxation and to keep fit during pregnancy. Saffron will teach you the yoga styles and movements that are safe for you and your baby. Yoga is an excellent way to tone up for the birth by making your body more flexible and toning up your muscles. Additionally, it teaches breathing skills and reduces stress, both of which are positive and useful at the time of the birth. During the pregnancy, the extra strain on your body can produce aches and pains, often in the back. The posture development learnt from yoga can help to reduce the stresses and strains on your system, helping you to enjoy the pregnancy even more.

To contact Saffron to arrange your home yoga sessions now, please ring 01625 432997 or email yoga.4.u@hotmail.co.uk

Dru Yoga at school

Young people at school suffer from many pressures, both academic and emotional. Dru yoga is particularly good for youngsters as it is gentle and active so their still-developing joints are less likely to be over stressed and because there is movement, they become bored less easily.

And remember your staff of course, they feel the stress as well!

Saffron is available to run school yoga courses and would love to hear from you if your school is committed to the well being of teachers and pupils. Yoga can help them to manage their daily feelings in a positive way, instilling an inner strength that can leave them free to achieve their potential.

If your school is forward thinking, contact Saffron to arrange yoga sessions for pupils and staff in your school now, please ring 01625 432997 or email yoga.4.u@hotmail.co.uk

Other one to one dru and prenatal pregnancy yoga lessons and group sessions available in these areas of Cheshire (list not exhaustive) ...
Macclesfield, Knutsford, Bollington, Rainow, Kerridge, Prestbury, Henbury, Tytherington, Hurdsfield, Broken Cross, Sutton Lane Ends, Langley, Gawsworth, Warren, Alderley Edge, Wilmslow, Buxton, Leek, Congleton etc.

To contact Saffron to arrange your yoga session now, please ring 01625 432997 or email yoga.4.u@hotmail.co.uk

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