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Saffron Harrison is a personal yoga teacher based in Macclesfield who offers yoga tuition in Cheshire. She has worked with many different individuals and groups, kids, adults, students with learning difficulties and more and believes that yoga can work for anyone who is willing to commit.

Saffron is available to visit you for one to one (1:1) yoga sessions in your home or to welcome you into hers, whichever is more convenient for you.

To contact Saffron to arrange your yoga sessions now, please ring 01625 432997 or email yoga.4.u@hotmail.co.uk or visit my own website at www.saffronsyoga.co.uk

Follow this link to find out about Dru Yoga in the Macclesfield Area of Cheshire

The philosophy of yoga is non-competitive and non-stressful and can help you, your children or your pupils and staff to establish patterns of deep relaxation, a feeling of radiance and inner peace which can calm nerves and reduce feelings of stress

There are many forms of Yoga, Dru, Hatha and so on. All forms of yoga will help you to bring mind and body into harmony, reducing your stress level, increasing your flexibility and health.

Benefits of Yoga

Yoga is beneficial for everyone, regardless of age or level of fitness.

Yoga is a spiritual way of reducing stress and, because it combines exercise with meditation, it can improve your mobility, flexibility, vitality and confidence.

Pre-natal Yoga - One to One sessions

Image: Pregnancy Yoga in action.

During pregnancy, your doctor or midwife will strongly recommend that you do some form of pre-natal (ante-natal) exercises in order to strengthen your muscles ready for the birth. Practising pre-natal or ante-natal yoga is the perfect way to achieve this as yoga movements are gentle but effective. Another benefit of yoga during pregnancy is that you will improve your flexibility, thus helping you to cope even better with the birth.

Conveniently, Saffron teaches a pregnancy yoga class at Macclesfield Library, an ideal central location to meet other mums-to-be whilst preparing yourself for the arrival of your baby.

To contact Saffron to arrange your pre-natal (ante-natal) pregnancy yoga sessions now, please ring 01625 432997 or email yoga.4.u@hotmail.co.uk

Image: Prenatal yoga pose.

Baby Yoga

Image: Baby Yoga Macclesfield, Poynton, Wilmslow, Prestbury, Bollington, Cheshire.Baby yoga classes provide a wonderful space for you and your baby to bond in. As well as many other benefits, baby yoga can help baby with minor ailments and helps promote good sleep. It can increase your confidence in handling your baby, bring stress relief to both you and your baby, and give your baby a gentle invigorating stretch and workout. Baby yoga classes also integrate gentle postnatal exercise into the class. Baby yoga helps to strengthen babies' bodies and develop co-ordination. It can help with digestion and bring relief to colicky babies and help to settle babies and improve sleep patterns. Fun and nurturing classes including movement, massage, rhymes and song. Postnatal yoga strengthens and tones, and includes fantastic guided relaxation. At the end of each class, you will feel more energised, toned and relaxed. For 0 to crawling.

Baby yoga classes are currently running in Macclesfield, Poynton and Wilmslow and they are a great way to meet and discuss issues with other parents.

To contact Saffron to arrange your baby yoga sessions now, please ring 01625 432997 or email yoga.4.u@hotmail.co.uk

Yoga at home - One to One sessions

Your body is designed to cope with short tern stress but problems can begin when chronic (long term) stress sets in. There can be a variety of causes of this, work, bereavement, bullying ... Whatever the cause, Yoga or other alternative forms of treatment can help in most cases. These 1:1 sessions are ideal for those of you who do not like the idea of relying on conventional medicines and drugs to control your symptoms of stress.

To contact Saffron to arrange your home yoga sessions now, please ring 01625 432997 or email yoga.4.u@hotmail.co.uk

Yoga at school

Young people at school suffer from many pressures, both academic and emotional. And remember your staff of course, they feel the stress as well! Saffron is available to run school yoga courses and would love to hear from you if your school is committed to the well being of teachers and pupils. Yoga can help them to manage their daily feelings in a positive way, instilling an inner strength that can leave them free to achieve their potential.

Pupils are often quite reticent to mention to their friends that they are practicing yoga to help them to relieve stress - that is why having a personal 1 to 1 yoga teacher in the privacy of your own home is a good idea.

To contact Saffron to arrange yoga sessions for pupils and staff in your school now, please ring 01625 432997 or email yoga.4.u@hotmail.co.uk

Other groups of people for whom yoga can be a benefit are those with physical disabilities, behavioural problems, mental illness, pregnant women, pre and ante natal yoga.

Image: hands, one to one pre-natal yoga.One to one yoga lessons and sessions in ...
Macclesfield, Knutsford, Bollington, Rainow, Kerridge, Prestbury, Henbury, Tytherington, Hurdsfield, Broken Cross, Sutton Lane Ends, Langley, Gawsworth, Warren, Alderley Edge, Wilmslow, Buxton, Leek, Congleton etc.

To contact Saffron to arrange your yoga session now, please ring 01625 432997 or email yoga.4.u@hotmail.co.uk






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