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If you need to improve your own maths confidence or if you are looking for extra tuition for your child for GCSE mathematics ... why not contact maths tutor Gary Rose who offers top quality professional tuition in West Bridgford.

Gary Rose is a CRB checked tutor. He graduated from Cambridge and has over a quarter of a centurys experience in the training industry.

Gary stands out from other West Bridgford Maths tutors because of his passion for making maths accessible to all. His tutoring brings this difficult subject to life by blending traditional methods with a modern perspective. His sympathetic approach and individualised programmes de-mystify the subject, enabling the tutee to to make progress through understanding rather than by rote learning. So if you or your child is struggling to master Maths, Gary can help.

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Maths Tutors in West Bridgford and Private Maths Lessons

Mathematics can be a hard and sometimes complicated subject especially when a child is not a natural mathematician. Given that West Bridgford School successfully applied for and gained the specialist technology academy status, a good grounding in Mathematics could be very helpful. In the classroom, your child may find that the teacher just does not have the time to offer the one-to-one tuition that he or she needs. It is not the fault of the teacher or of the school; given class size and lesson length, there is theoretically the chance to have between 1 and 2 minutes of individual tuition. If your child is not a natural at mathematics that will probably not be enough. That is just a theoretical figure, in practical terms, it is likely to be a lot less. Many children are not happy about asking questions in front of their peers and so a lot of them will find that their understanding of maths is incomplete, making it even harder.

For these youngsters, tuition through private maths lessons is the way forward. Your child receives a terms worth of individual contact in a single session! The number of lessons required with a private Maths tutor will depend on how difficult your child finds mathematics. A couple of hours may suffice or perhaps a regular once a month meeting. It doesn't have to be every week.

Nottingham is lucky in the sense that the University is home to the Centre for the Study of Mathematics Education which can benefit local schools as well as those in higher education in Nottinghamshire.

Free Maths tip - expanding brackets

Expanding brackets is something that can cause problems, however, with a methodical approach, you will soon undertand the principles behind it.

At a basic level you might be asked to expand 3(x + 6). The number immediately before the brackets indicates that everything inside has to be MULTIPLIED by the number. In this case it is 3. So you have 3 x's and 3 6's, or written mathematically, the answer is 3x + 18. Why 18 ... 3 times 6.

A more complicated case could be to expand 4xy(3x - y2). Apply the same logic, everything inside the brackets has to be multiplied by 4xy so 4xy times 3x = 12x2y (multiply the numbers first ... 3 x 4 = 12, then deal with the letters xy times x ... x2y because x times x = x2) and 4xy times y2 = 4xy3 (whoa, before you go any further try to work out why). The answer is therfore 4xy(3x - y2) = 12x2y - 4xy3.



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