Murder Mystery Weekends

Looking for a new spin to your next weekend away? Have you considered going off on a countryside manor house murder mystery weekend? Itís guaranteed to be a weekend getawayÖ with a twist! Itís the only type of tourism that has guests dying to find the solution to the mystery whodunit!

Hark back to the grand era of crime fiction and re-enact a scenario from the so-called ďGolden AgeĒ of the detective novel in the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s. The secluded English country house was a staple feature of these novels, yet who would have thought it could be such a hotbed of crime? Discover for yourself with a murder mystery weekend away.

How does a murder mystery event usually work? Prior to the event, you will be sent the details of the character that you will be playing plus the times and rooms wher you need to be at a certain time. There is usually an outline of things you need to say, not as a script to learn, you will need to ad-lib. Your organiser will also hand you any 'need to know' details a few minutes before you 'need to know them'.

Finding out your persona in advance allows you the chance to get acquainted with your character, and over champagne on the Friday evening youíll also be able to start getting to know the other characters that play a part in the cunning plot. Over a Friday night meal and Saturday activities youíll be able to piece together a pretty good idea of the scenario. By Sunday afternoon, hopefully all will be revealed, with the chance to compare case theories and finally unmask the cruel killer.

Itís even more fun to play your part in costume. Dress up according to the taste and style of your character, don a wig and voila! Youíve been instantly transformed into your character for the weekend! Letís hope that you donít lose your headÖ or turn out to be the only holding the bloody murder weapon!

Even though itís always the season for murder, for extra chills and thrills you could even let your weekend away coincide with Halloween. Your next weekend away is bound to be a scream!,

One of the Murder Mystery Events suppliers who organise events in the Peak District is Murder Most Foul, their web site is

When you have booked your organiser, here are a few hotels in the Peak District and surrounding counties that you could use as a base for the rest of your stay.





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