Visitors to the Peak District of Derbyshire will find a wide range of self-catering accommodation. Many of these holiday cottages are hundreds of years old and full of character whilst others are more recent barn conversions offering up to date home comforts as well as the character.

That is not to say the older holiday cottages don't offer the mod cons required by the 21st century self-catering holidaymaker. Many of these older cottages have been sympathetically restored by their owners in order to retain original features whilst bringing the property up to date.

The building materials used in any region often reflect the geology of the area, the Granite houses of Aberdeen, brick cottages where clay is readily available, the dark volcanic and slate houses of the Lake District ... The Peak District and Derbyshire is no exception. In the White Peak the underlying rock is limestone so is the dominant material for older properties. Thus whitish grey cottages predominate in places like Chelmorton, Monyash, Youlgrave, Bakewell and the other towns. The Dark Peak surrounds the White Peak and is so called because the main rock is a type of tough sandstone called gritstone. Cottages built from grit have a buff to light brown appearance. In some towns and villages, the cottages are built from limestone but the doors and windows are trimmed with gritstone, very attractive indeed. Some of the nicest examples of this style of Peak District architecture can be seen in the village of Monyash.

Roofing materials vary, in many places slate has been imported but in some instances you can still find the thick sandstone tiles that were also used in the Peak District. Thick because the sandstone tends to break when split thinly. Because of the harsh winter climate, in Derbyshire, in the Peak District in particular, you are unlikely to find any of the 'Chocolate Box' style of holiday cottage that abound in counties like Warwickshire, Oxfordshire and Dorset - there are one or two if you keep your eyes open.

Holiday cottages in south Derbyshire and the neighbouring Staffordshire (an area preferred by visitors wishing to combine a visit to the Peak District with the Potteries and/or Alton Towers) are brick built.

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