The Insider's Guide to Letting a Derbyshire Holiday Property

Key points to think about when renting out your Derbyshire property as a holiday let …

I considered myself fortunate to be the owner of properties in Derbyshire, one of the most beautiful counties in England. But then I realised it was time to think about how to make them earn some real money. Each year millions of visitors flock to Derbyshire and the Peak District National Park and, of course, they need somewhere to stay! So there was my answer - I would rent my cottage or house as a holiday let.

It did not take me long to discover that plenty of other owners had the same idea and that if I were to make it stand out I needed to do some serious thinking...

My first step is to identify just who might want to rent my cottage or house. It may be quaint and quirky but this might not suit more senior visitors, or those with toddlers. So perhaps I should consider a "niche market" - for outdoor types like hill walkers and climbers, or bird watchers, archaeologists... the possibilities are numerous.

Before anyone will rent a cottage or house, it has to be equipped to the best possible standard: today's discerning visitors expect comfortable beds and all mod cons - unfortunately it's no good offloading my battered old sofa or granny's dressing table!. Above all, kitchens and bathrooms must be spotlessly clean.

I know my visitors will appreciate a "welcome pack", tea, milk, maybe some fruit and a bottle of wine. Fresh bread and a vase of flowers will add a homely touch.

The safety of my visitors has to be paramount - especially for families with young children - so I'll need to check things such as the banisters and staircases and also consider safely fencing in the garden.

Will I accept pets? Many visitors will want to bring their dog to enjoy the Derbyshire countryside walks so if I forbid pets I am cutting out a sector of the market. I'll have to think about this point.

So, all I need now is some photos and an excellent website and bookings will come flooding in... No, I have to consider the marketing in more detail. Do I need an agency or can I handle it all myself? Shall I advertise in more traditional media such as magazines?

When all the hard work is complete and my first visitors have left, I realise that I must listen to feedback, whether positive or negative, to ensure the future success of my business.



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