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In today's world of international commerce it is sometimes necessary to have documents translated into a variety of different languages. Most companies will not have the internal personnel who can do this to a high level and will need to outsource to a professional translation company. This page offers you a list of some of the translation companies who are available in the East Midlands.

We believe that the translation services listed on this page deal with:

• a wide range of content, including technical, financial and legal
• all major languages
• tight deadlines when necessary

Freeman Williams Language Solutions - Uttoxeter

Asian Interpreting and translation Services - Derby. Translation and interpreters of many different Asian languages.

Roscom Ltd - Derby

Language to Language - Derby

Ichiban International - Nottingham.

Kristian Ravnkilde Scandinavian Languages - Nottingham. Translation of Danish, Norweigan & Swedish.

If you belong to one of these businesses, or have your own east midlands based translation or interpreter business and want a free listing here, please email us. If you require a link to your web site and a full listing including contact details please email here. There is a charge for this service to cover the fact that we are constantly working hard to keep this page on the front page of Google for the East Midlands (Derby, Derbyshire, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, Leicester, Leicestershire) .

From these interpreters and translators we hope:

• that your message is as effective after translation as it was in the original
• the translation reads in a way that fits in with the original, in terms of style and register of language
• the deadline for your translation is met
• technical terms are accurately translated
• the translation is appropriate to the needs of the individual, company or organisation
• you receive good value for money

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If you need a language tutor in the east midlands please see our French Tutor East Midlands page.

If you require a link to your translation services for the East Midlands (Derby, Derbyshire, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, Leicester, Leicestershire) please email. There is a charge for this service to cover the fact that we are constantly working hard to keep this page on the front page of Google.

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