Derby, Derbyshire and Peak District Business Services

We offer a range of Business services to the small and medium sized businesses in the county of Derbyshire. These include getting your Derbyshire business noticed on the web, full web design, leaflet design, flyer design, stationery design, proof reading of essays, dissertations, CVs and business documents plus language tuition and translation.

Getting noticed on the web

That is easy for us to do, we simply add a web page of information to this web site and within a few weeks you will find that you are high in searches for the region, for example the Little Gallery, Belper. The price of this is just £50 per year. Best of all, if you are sceptical, we will add your site and will not require payment until your site is getting noticed in the search engines - that is how confident we are. Please call or email (see bottom of page) to arrange your online promotion. This service works best for the online promotion of Derbyshire, Cheshire, Staffordshire and the Peak District based web sites. Entering your web site details into business directories like the UK Business Directory is also a great way to get exposure on the web.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) courses for small business websites.

Many small businesses have a website but often the only way to find the site is by typing in the name of the business. In many cases, even that does not work. So why have a website at all?. The internet never sleeps so your website is an advert for your business that is active 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Employing someone full or part time, or buying in the services of a search engine optimisation (SEO) expert can be costly. DIY search engine optimisation is going to be hit or miss for most as this is not your area of expertise. So we can offer one day courses for small businesses that, whilst not turning you into a seasoned expert, will al least give you a working knowledge of how you can promote your website effectively.

Our courses are run on your own premises and cover the essentials of SEO. During the course, you will:

  • learn the key on-site and off-site techniques that will make your web site attractive to search engines
  • find out what is meant by the terms Black Hat SEO and White Hat SEO
  • develop a strategy for promoting your website in the search engines

The price of the course is only 850 (including written support materials and tuition) for Derbyshire, East Midlands and Peak District based small businesses, a fraction of the cost that you would spend on buying in a search engine optimisation expert to do the work for you.

So contact us now to discuss your needs (see bottom of page for telephone number).

We can also offer the same SEO course in Staffordshire, Nottinghamshire, Cheshire and the West Midlands. Please enquire for further details if your business is based elsewhere.

Websites for small businesses

Cost-effective solutions for professionally designed search engine friendly websites that will help you to get your business noticed. Your premises may get you noticed in your local town or village but a web site can help you to be noticed further afield. Prices start from as little as £75 for a single page site. We have clients world wide but are ideally based to deal with businesses based in the East Midlands and the Peak District.

There are some bizarre ideas on the internet, for example, there are companies who sell you a website design and software that enables you to update your site yourself and then charge you each month - you do the work AND pay them for doing nothing! That seems like a bit of a con but there are plenty of business owners who waste their money on these schemes.

Good job you have found us because we can provide you with a site that you can update yourself (technically called a content management system) but once it is designed and installed, we do not charge you for the privilege of making your own changes to your site.

So contact us now to discuss your needs - telephone number at bottom of page).

Business Language Tuition Courses.

There may be several reasons why you and your employees need a language course. We no longer offer courses but we know of some people who can! They can offer French, German, Spanish, Italian, ESOL, (English as a Second Language), Polish, Russian and Mandarin language courses in Derby, Nottingham, Burton and north Leicestershire, plus English courses for foreign workers (TEFL qualified tutor). Follow this link for more information about our EOSL (English for speakers of other languages) courses.

Proofreading and Copy Editing.

There may be several reasons why you need a proof reading or copy editing service. You may be looking for someone to check over your CV or job application letter; you may have a promotional leaflet that you need checking and appraising or perhaps you are an author or research student needing a manuscript or dissertation proofing and appraising. Please call (see bottom of page) or email to discuss your requirements.


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